A2P Messaging

It takes a long way for every single of your messages to reach its destination. Hawkstream will handle the A2P messaging for you with low latency and high deliverability. Inform, reassure and delight your customers with information they need, when and where they need it.

Why choose Hawkstream
- We offer competitive prices
- Our SMS Gateway boasts full redundancy, complete security, and guaranteed reliability.
- Your customers can rest assured that their most important messages
will get where they need to

Wholesale SMS

At Hawkstream, we love to share success with our wholesale SMS partners. We deliver millions of messages a month worldwide. This gives us huge economies of scale, which we freely share with our wholesalers and white-label resellers. Because when your business grows, so does ours.

Our Wholesale programme allows you to take control of promoting SMS to your customers with great pricing that allows you to turn a profit. We welcome wholesale SMS partners no matter what volume of SMS messaging you need to deliver.

B2B Sales for Customers

Businesses everywhere are using SMS to attract new leads, fill seats and cash registers, and create a following of engaged, happy customers. It is a powerful tool in the right hands, enabling you to turn prospects into satisfied customers. Quickly, and at a lower cost per conversion than traditional communications channels.

When you need to send short and accurate messages to customers, partners, or employees, SMS text messaging represents a cost-effective, efficient and secure way to communicate.

Cold calls, direct mail, and email are costly and time consuming. They are also increasingly ineffective. Customers receive an average of more than 120 emails a day, making it difficult to get more than a glance when you are in their inbox.

As specialists in SMS services, we offer a bespoke service at very competitive rates.
Hawkstream offers a robust SMS platform with worldwide message delivery,
detailed reporting and link click tracking.