Hawkstream specializes in high level SMS deliverability with our ow direct-to-carrier network

Despite being newly established, Hawkstream LLC is already a reputable company: we have interconnections with a big range of companies all over the world. The interconnection with telecom operators allows us to provide SMS services throughout the whole world without routing dilution or blending.

With the rapid change in technology and economic environments, our focus is to build innovative services to develop good experience for our valued customers. We are doing our best on understanding our customers' needs and developing solution for their business growth, productivity and efficiency.

At Hawkstream, we ensure that we only use the best routes and practice other methods, such as carrier redundancy, to guarantee the best quality. Our carrier networks also have built-in redundancy to ensure that in the unlikely event of a carrier failure, our traffic is automatically routed through alternative carriers to minimize service disruption and quality degradation.